A thousand times! Miles de tiempos? A number of people! Unnúmero de gente?

Yeah, it doesn’t probably make much sense to you, at least the translated parts. I agree. Those are literal translations of a very common grammar point in the FCE exam. Countable and uncountable nouns, and their corresponding phrases. Today, in the B2 English course, I will teach you how to use these two types of nouns and how to avoid mistakes when using them.

Shall we start?

What you will learn today – Countable and uncountable nouns

What the differences between countable and uncountable nouns are

The most common and important uncountable nouns for a B2 level

Important phrases with both types

How to use them to improve your B2 speaking and writing

Don’t be lazy now

Well done guys, good job. That was quite an important class, especially for the writing and Use of English parts of the B2 level exam. This is something quite advanced and comes in very handy when speaking and writing. Remember that the only way you can actually get it natural in your English is to listen and speak to natives, to use the language in real situations and texts.

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Take care

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